Lampe a decharge N 10721805

Lampe a decharge N  10721805
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Numéro d'articleN 10721805
ProducteurGenuine Volkswagen group part
Country of originDE
HS CODE8539319090
Category 3NGX
Category 2NG
Category 1N
Price group08
Catalog numberN 107 218 05
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Additional informations:
AV0 - Driving on the left
AV1 - Driving on the right
8BP - Bi-functional headlamp with gas discharge lamp
8Q3 - Automatic headlight range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
8Q5 - Headlight range adjustment
automatic/ dynamic
with cornering light (AFS 1)
1VH - Installation parts for six-cylinder engine
1VJ - Installation parts for eight-cylinder engine
8EH - Bi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp
for driving on the right(US design)
8Q7 - Headlight range adjustment
GP0 - Vehicles without special upgrade measures
GP1 - Vehicles with special upgrade measures
GP2 - Vehicles with special upgrade measures
8Q8 - Headlight range adjustment
AV2 - Driving on the right (NAR)
8IP - Gas-discharge headlamps with variable light distribution
8IH - Gas discharge headlamps (D5/D7 system)
8IM - Gas-discharge headlamps with cornering light
8IG - Gas discharge headlamp (D1/D3 system)