Micro 3B0035711B

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Micro 3B0035711B
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Numéro d'article3B0035711B
ProducteurGenuine Volkswagen group part
Garantie24 mois
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Micro 3B0035711B
Important notes
Genuine VW
This part fits into 203 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
8AAWithout radio
9W7Mobile phone interface (NAR)
0V6South Africa manufacturing sequence
3C0Without center rear seat belts
9IPComfort telephony and wireless charging (without LTE)
9W3Mobile phone interface High (NAR)
I7YMIB Entry Plus (Gen2)
3CDHalf-height partition
9ZEComfort telephone system
VX1INTERCOM hands-free system
I7DMIB2-G Ultralow NF PQ/MQB radio EU
0FVSouth Africa manufacturing sequence
5N3Folding grab handles
VX2Intercom system
VX0Without hands-free system
0FBPamplona manufacturing sequence
9ZIMobile phone interface Internal without cradle
7AQAnti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring, backup horn, and towing protection
9ZKTelephony (rSAP)
7ULNavigation system \RNS510 NAR\" with voice control"
7T3Navigation system \RNS510\" NAR"
7UCNavigation system \RNS315\" (integrated data storage device)"
A9WCaravelle Comfortline
9ZHCar phone installation with emergency call system (telematics 1)
A9ACalifornia Beach
7T6Navigation system (MID)
9IJComfort telephony with LTE and wireless charging
EL2Online service, with OCU, without head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
9ZAMobile phone installation with handsfreeset
ER2Regional code \ ROW \" for radio"
QE4Storage compartment package 2
9CUStandard interior light concept in passenger/load compartment
AZ0Vehicle with production equipment
9F5Signal system preparation
9IHComfort telephony with WLAN and LTE and wireless charging
7UBPreparation for navigation system
9ZVComfort telephony, without antenna connection
9IDMobile phone interface Premium with SIM card reader and additional handset
NZ4Private emergency call system
9F0Without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
9W9Car phone installation
9W0Without cell phone preparation/ installation
3FRPower tilting and sliding solar sunroof with automatic pre-selection
9ICMobile phone interface Premium with SIM card reader
9D2Preparation for two-way radio installation with handset
EL5Online service, with OCU, with head unitcoding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
3FLBig roof system
9W2Preparation for telephone
QE1Storage compartment package 1
QH0Without voice control
A8MExecutive comfort equipment
9ZWMobile phone preparation
5C0Without special body measures
QV3Digital radio reception
A8BBasic equipment
7AAElectronic engine immobilizer
QH1Voice control
9W5Car phone preparation
7T4Navigation system for China
A8ZMultivan Highline
9CKInterior light concept in passenger compartment
3JFElectric roof ventilator in load compartment
L0LLeft-hand drive
L0RRight-hand drive
EL0Without online service
9F4Signal system preparation
9ZRPreparation for telephone without 3-button module
9ZFPreparation of mobile phone with handsfree set
5CQRoof trim for Camper
7Q6Navigation system for Japan, color screen
QV0Without TV reception/digital radio reception
5N2Folding grab handles at roof frame
7Q5Navigation system with black-and-white screen
NZ0Without call feature
F0ANo special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
9IFComfort telephony with WLAN
8L6\diversity\" window antenna"
7Q0Without navigation device
I6VMIB2 Entry PQ radio
3FEElectric tilting and sliding glass sunroof with sun screen/sunblind
I8GHigh radio (Gen1)
8S2One reading light in front, two reading lights in rear
9ZBMobile phone interface High
9ZGPreparation of mobile phone with handsfree set
9F6Signal system preparation
7UGNavigation system - High
3FAWithout roof insert (standard roof)
9D0Without preparation for two-way radio installation
4X3Side airbag in front, with curtain airbag
AZ3Special chassis packages
3JAWithout roof insert in load and passenger compartment
1T0Without first aid kit and warning triangle
ER1Regional code \ ECE \" for radio"
7UNNavigation system preparation for Japan
7AJElectronic engine immobilizer with anti-theft alarm system and backup horn
9ZMMobile phone interface Internal with cradle
9ZSMobile phone interface Internal with voice control
9W8Preparation for telephone
F4SArmored vehicle
UF0Without electric interface
9ZUMobile phone preparation
9ZTMobile phone interface Internal with voice control and cradle
9F2Signal system preparation
7T8Navigation system \RNS315\" NAR"
9D1Standard preparation for two-way radio installation
NZ3ERA Glonass (emergency signal)
9W4Car phone preparation
5C1Body measures for increased safety requirements
9IMTelephony (rSAP) plus LTE ( with WLAN )
A9KCaravelle Trendline
5C7Additional body measures
9ZXMobile phone preparation
9ZCComfort telephony with exterior antenna and (rSAP)
A8EMultivan Comfortline
I8HHigh radio (Gen2)
8UBRadio preparation
ER3Regional code \ NAR \" for radio"
7Q2Navigation system with color screen

Références OEM:
1K0035711 9B9, 3B0035711B 9B9, 3B0035711B B41, 1K00357119B9, 3B0035711B9B9, 3B0035711BB41


Garantie internationale d'usine de 2 ans.
Expédition dans le monde entier via TNT, FEDEX, DHL ou Post

Spécification de produit
HS CODE8518109590
Category 3EKC
Dimension32 x 15,5 x 3
ProducteurGenuine Volkswagen group part
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United States
South Africa
Fabricant Modèle
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Seat Altea 5P+ 2014-2015
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Seat Ibiza 6F 2013 - 2016
Seat Ibiza 6J 2009-2011
Seat Ibiza 6J 2012-2015
Seat Ibiza 6L 2002-2005
Seat Ibiza 6L 2006-2010
Seat Ibiza 6P 2016-2017
Seat Ibiza KJ 2018 -
Seat Inca 6K 1996-2003
Seat Leon 1M 2000-2001
Seat Leon 1M 2002-2006
Seat Leon 1P 2006-2010
Seat Leon 1P 2011-2013
Seat Leon 5F 2013-2016
Seat Leon 5F 2017-2020
Seat Mii KF 2012-2019
Seat Tarraco KN (2019 - )
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Seat Toledo 1M 2002-2004
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Seat Toledo KG 2013-2015
Seat Toledo KG 2016-2019
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Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7H 2009-2010
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Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7J 2006 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7J 2007 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7J 2008 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7J 2009-2010 Flatbed
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1K0035711 9B9
3B0035711B 9B9
3B0035711B B41
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